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Serving the Fresno area, we provide a wide range of janitorial services for commercial business needs. We can handle large or small jobs effectively and efficiently.

Superior Services:

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Performance goals


The purpose of these guidelines is to upgrade or improve general skills in professional cleaning. By following these and other suggestions, you make yourself more valuable to your clients:

  • Customers appreciate professionalism- cleaners who know how to get the job done promptly and thoroughly.
  • Learn to operate the required cleaning equipment including light maintenance for those machines.
  • A professional always conducts him or herself in a mature manner. A display of belligerent attitudes, argumentation and retaliation for a suffered wrong, convey immaturity. Customers want cleaners who are cooperative, courteous and friendly.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of basic cleaning chemicals.
  • Develop organization skills so each job proceeds in a professional manner.
  • Pursue a never –ending quest to improve your cleaning skills and knowledge of the industry.


Professional Conduct

The companies you work for and clients you serve expect mature conduct. Clients become upset when cleaning crews invade their territory or display improper behavior. Many contracts have been cancelled because the customer was unhappy with the behavior or continual mistakes of the cleaning crews. By following these suggestions you will EARN a reputation as a professional.

  • Require an accurate and comprehensive list of all cleaning functions that you will be performing. Understand and confirm the frequency for all cleaning tasks.
  • Require a detailed list of cleaning frequencies along with a contract describing services and payment.
  • Wear an ID badge if required by the customer.
  • Dress professionally or wear a uniform. Customers may not tell you, but they are often offended by sloppy appearances.
  • Maintain a well-groomed appearance.
  • Don’t smoke in the building unless there is a designated area. Don’t crush cigarettes on the outside walks.
  • Don’t bring friends, children or anyone else into the building unless approval has been obtained.
  • Don’t send a substitute to clean for you, unless approval has been granted.
  • Don’t use a customer’s phone unless it is an emergency.
  • Don’t eat left over food.
  • Don’t drink alcohol prior to work or on the job.